Sigma Supply delivers excellence with first annual National Sales Meeting

Hot Springs, AR – With some of the country’s leading machinery, tool, and parts professionals conversing upon Hot Springs, Arkansas, for the 2016 National Sales Meeting, Sigma Supply of North America’s first annual invitation-only event proved to be highly successful for vastly-growing Fortune 500 company. Held at the Hot Springs Convention Center on Tuesday, May 17 and Wednesday, May 18, the event brought together approximately 60 vendors and 100 salesmen from various locations across the country.

Sigma Supply’s own technical services department showed strong representation as they helped to demonstrate and showcase their own innovative equipment including the Leibinger JET Inkjet printer.  While sponsoring the break on Tuesday, vendor 3M also joined many of Sigma Supply’s other leading vendors while demonstrating their own line of products. Polychem, sponsor of Wednesday’s break, showcased a few parts of their inventory along with The Danner Company, Abbott Label, and BestPack, and Signode, who presented Sigma Supply with an award for being the 2015 “Platinum Distributor” for outstanding sales achievement.

During the two-day conference, Wulftec presented Scott Hamby with a plaque to showcase Sigma Supply as being the No. 1 “Wulftec Distributor of the Year” for the third consecutive year in a row. During the conference, Wulftec showcased their equipment including the WCA-SMART automatic turntable stretch wrapper while giving away monetary rewards throughout the event. For over 20 years, Sigma Supply and Wulftec continues to maintain a very healthy and strong partnership while servicing a wide spectrum of customers. Together, the two companies have built a reputation built on trust, loyalty, and respect from others throughout the industry.

Sigma Stretch was another large contributor towards the sales meeting by sponsoring Wednesday’s lunch as well as providing Sigma Supply employees with monetary rewards. With nine winners each walking away with $100, Sigma Stretch’s handout amount for both days totaled over $1,400. Since opening their doors in November of 1993, Sigma Stretch has received positive recognition for their consistency and complete accuracy delivered by each of the company’s manufacturing plants.  A few additional vendors also participated in giveaways and handouts throughout the evening as many held random drawings for gift cards. Participating vendors included Combi, Sealed Air, and Intertape Polymer Group.

Sponsored by Wulftec, guests were treated to a full-course dinner provided by Turf Catering. During the evening, many recognitions and awards were handed out. Owner Scott Hamby recognized marketing expert Jennifer Dale and web expert Meagan Krone for their efforts in planning and successfully executing the 2016 National Sales Meeting. Technical services director Steve Messinger recognized his team for their dedication in satisfying and fulfilling each customer’s need while attending to their service calls and parts-related inquiries.

Purchasing director Debbie Phillips recognized the purchasing team for their deliverance of excellence when related to all accounting expenses while also giving notable mention of the “TUG BOAT” trophy that was presented to Sigma Supply. As one of 500 companies, The United Group recognized Sigma Supply as “Member of the Year” due to their overall outstanding performance while acknowledging the company during their annual conference held at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort.

Sigma Supply was also recognized by Elkay Plastics for being a superior distributor to the vendor. Elkay Plastics gave positive remarks regarding many of the customer service representatives and salesmen that helped to ease communication and drive sales within the two companies.

The dinner also proved to be a reflection and remembrance as the company dedicated the evening in memory to one of their own, chief financial officer Derek Johnston. Led in song by singer-songwriter and Sigma Supply employee Candace Clemmons, many remembered Johnston for his personal and professional contributions to the company. A strong mastermind behind the first-annual sales meeting, Johnston’s ideas became a reality which resulted in strong and positive remarks from many who attended the event. With many attendees making notable comparisons to many large expos across the country, it helped to prove of the substantial growth the company has witnessed in the past several years.

Due in part to the overall success of its first national sales meeting, Sigma Supply is anticipating annual conferences related to driving sales and building lifetime relationships.


If you would like to see the pictures of this event, please check out our Facebook Photo Album.


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