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Flatback tapeFlatback Tape

Sigma Supply’s Flatback Tape (Paper Tape or Kraft Paper Tape) is designed for superior performance in a variety of packaging, splicing, and tabbing applications. It provides a quick positive seal under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Flatback products are versatile and specially-designed for porous and rough surfaces, making them the ideal choice for paper mills and converting facilities. They work reliably in splicing applications with higher line speeds, and generally use a heavier more flexible paper, allowing them to stick and form on the fly.

Tan Medium Grade Paper Flatback Tape

A quick, sure sealing, economical, pressure- sensitive flatback tape which can increase packaging line efficiency. PM2 offers a positive attractive seal and excellent adhesion to discourage pilfering. Performs well under a wide range of temperatures through a wide range of humidity conditions. Offers the advantages of a balance of high quick stick and excellent holding properties. Performs well as a low-temperature splicing tape and meets USPS requirements. Product is not repulpable. Can be used on all types of cartons.

Blue Premium Paper Flatback Tape

Royal blue heavy-duty saturated paper flatback backing, nonprintable release coat, and pressure-sensitive natural rubber/ resin adhesive. Royal blue color provides easy identification of splices, even in high speed operations. Product is not repulpable. Manufactured to perform under a wide range of humidity and temperature conditions.up to 400°F (204°C). Provides excellent adhesion to flooring materials and heavy kraft surfaces. Offers a positive splice under constant web tension. Also works well on PE coated liquid boxboard. Automotive grade / stain resistant adhesive. Used also for holding, mild to medium grit blast, and as paint adhesion (cross- hatch) test tape.

Natural Premium Paper Flatback Tape

High performance, water resistant, kraft flatback, pressure sensitive tape. Features easy release from roll, good quick-stick, excellent bonding to cartons and good edge tear resistance. Performs well as a low temperature splicing tape. Product is not repulpable. Designed for heavy duty packaging closure and tabbing.

High Temp Premium Paper Flatback Tape

Strong, natural colored saturated kraft flatback paper with temperature resistant acrylic adhesive. Product is not repulpable. Temperature resistant. For splicing of light floor covering and similar
materials during manufacturing. Also for leasing / beaming synthetic fibers.

Medium Grade Paper Flatback Tape

A moisture resistant kraft flatback paper tape with an aggressive, pressure- sensitive natural/synthetic rubber adhesive. Designed to offer a positive, attractive seal and excellent adhesion to minimize carton sealing failures and prevent pilferage. Considered by many as the “Industry Standard.” Excellent balance of machine and cross direction tensile and tear strength. Remains strong under moist conditions. Approved as packaging tape by U.S. Postal Service and U.P.S. (United Parcel Service). Product is not repulpable. Can be used with carton sealing, packaging, silk screening, picture framing, beaming/leasing, splicing, and tabbing.

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