Heavy Duty Electric Tow Tractor 44,000-55,000 lbs

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  • Body choosing modern large circular arc streamline surface model, is in accordance with international design trend. It’s suitable for tractor pulling pushing and handling operations.


  • The battery is dropped down to the lowest part of frame, this gives the tractor excellent stability because low center of gravity.


  • High frequency MOSFET controller provides accurate control of travelling, lifting, and better adjustable performance and better match with the motor. Secure stopping on ramp function is also provide.Thanks to MOSFET controller. Motor brake is for regenerative braking during deceleration, direction, changing, and downward slope. The regenerative braking is more energy saving and effectively.
  • X-type arrangement of dual piping, distribute the pressure by front and rear, the braking system is safe, stable and reliable. The design of vacuum drum ensure the braking system working as usual.
  • The electrical switch can cut off the power.


  • New AC system provide more power, more precise performance of speed control , more safety and reliability, regenerative system.
  • High effective AC system prolong the working time.Adopt the international first-class brand of LCD, with the battery indication, self diagnosis function, it’s no need handset unit. The display can make changes to the electronic control parameters, you can read the fault code clearly from it.

    There are switch in the rear: Including Forward/ Reverse inching switch and emergency disconnect switch.

    There are two methods to exchange battery: Lifting-exchange and side-exchange battery, it’s convenient for user.

    The controller is enclosed to avoid dust and water, it can provide forced cooling, heat dissipation and control the direction of the wind.

    The size of platform of the rear : 51.2”× 64.5”,it can be used as loading platform, maximum load weight is 1100lb.

Environmental Protection

  • Low noise, low shake, energy efficient, environmental protection.Vehicle use non-asbestos material.

Easy Maintenance

  • Electric parts adopt international famous brand are to ensure the reliability of the performance.Maintenance free driving motor is no need to replace the carbon brush, low service cost.

    You can open and close the battery cover hood for daily checkup the battery, motor and controller. It’s easy to access inner of battery cover for maintenance.

  • Comfort

    • Adopt the new digital dashboard and rocker switch, the status of vehicle be clear at a glance, simple, reliable and intuitive.Adopt horizontal cylinder steering axle and full hydraulic steering gear, the steering force is less than 10N. Optional synchronous steering system provides good stability, especially suitable for long-distance road in the airport and so on.

      Adopt horizontal cylinder steering axle and full hydraulic steering gear, the steering force is less than 10N. Optional synchronous steering system provides good stability, especially suitable for long-distance road in the airport and so on.

      The advanced floating suspension system and long wheelbase design, ensure the comfort of the vehicle.

      Optimized design structure to offer a good visibility and easier operation, provides good sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation, vibration isolation. Low step and capacious room will be much appreciated by operator who have to get on and off.

      Adjustable steering wheel and 5.9” adjustable distance of seat ensure driver maximum comfortable and minimum fatigue.


  • Warning lamp
  • High capacity national battery
  • Excellent performance import battery
  • Battery charger
  • Rear working lamp
  • Speed limit alarm
  • Different height of traction pin
    Semi-closed cab
    Steam air heater
  • Synchronous steering system
    Hydraulic assistant brake system
    Front bumpers
    Front pothook
    Solid tire
    Suspension seat
    Speed limit
    Rear wiper
    Rear wiper washer fluid
    Long-distance control system
    Full hydraulic brake
    Tractor pin operation device

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