Sharp Max 12 and Max 20 Bagging Machines

Sharp Max 12 and Max 20 Bagging Machines
Sharp’s E-Z Bags® feed through the machine, are opened, filled with product, then sealed. Runs bags up to 20″ wide and 40″ long.
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Faster Printing

  • Optional Videojet DataFlex® Plus thermal transfer printer for bar codes,
    graphics and alphanumeric fonts directly onto the package
  • At least 50% faster than printers used by other manufacturers, increasing
    throughput dramatically
  • Set moveable printing head to precise positions, based on package
    size, to print bags in order, eliminating queuing and reducing scrap and
    material cost
  • Reduce thermal ribbon usage as much as 90% with reduced spacing
    between impressions, printing with alternative registrations, and adjusting
    impression placements to increase ribbon usage

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Include HMI, a networkable touchscreen PC running Windows 7 embedded
    plus an Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC from Rockwell Automation
  • Touchscreen is a 12.1″ TFT (thin film transistor) technology, including
    a PC with Windows 7
  • Run Windows labeling software, create labels on the PC, save, then add
    it to a particular job, so the label format is saved as part of the job
  • Includes a high speed counter, pulse train output and network capabilities

More Efficient Operation

  • Jaw is aluminum, so less mass, lower inertia, faster movement, and cycle
    times decrease
  • Heavy duty drive fingers don’t bend even with tugging at bags, so no
    need to realign
  • Proximity sensor is inside the jaw, protecting the magnet field, improving
    operation in dirty environments
  • Constantly heated sealing mechanism offers a longer
    life than impulse mechanisms
  • Controls for the printer are viewed directly on the
    bagger HMI, so it’s not necessary to manage
    multiple monitors or displays for the bagger and
    printing system
  • Control, recall stored labels or even create labels
    directly on the single HMI
  • Includes detailed ribbon consumption tools with a
    gauge that displays how much ribbon remains

Versatility in Loading

  • Entire machine moves up or down, adjusting to a wide range of heights
  • 90˚ rotation capabilities for horizontal loading for heavy or stuffable products

Access Data Anywhere

  • HMI, printer and PLC can be networked, so they can be accessed
    at any time from almost anywhere
  • Use remote label printing, production reporting and SCADA (supervisory
    control and data acquisition) control

Easy Maintenance

  • Off-the-shelf, nonproprietary parts
  • Color touch screen display provides troubleshooting guidance with
    exploded view drawings, manufacturer and part numbers, html help files
    with hyperlinks to explain any term
  • Service manual is completely integrated into the diagnostics

Machine Specifications
Base MAX 12″ Machine
Width • 45.3″
Height • 39.7″
Weight • 293lb / 133kg
Air • 80 psi, 5scfm, 5.5 bar
Rate • 50 bags/min'

Base MAX 20″ Machine
Width • 52.6″
Height • 49.8″
Weight • 348lb / 158kg
Air • 80 psi, 5scfm, 5.5 bar
Rate • 50 bags/min'

Packaging Specifications
Bag Width Range • 2″ – 20″ / 5 cm – 50.8 cm
Bag Length Range • 3.5″ – 32″ / 6.5 cm – 81 cm
Film Gauge Range • 1 mil – 4 mil / 25 microns – 100 microns
Roll Diameter • 10″, 14″, or fan folded in box2
Printing Cycle Rates • (I) Imprinter end of cycle: 50 bags/min

Printer Specifications
Print Method • Thermal Transfer, directly onto surface of bag

Print Speeds • 20″/second

Print Resolution • 300 dpi (12 dot/mm)

Print Area • (max.) 4.2″ (107 mm) wide x 7.9″ (200 mm) long

Bar codes • EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, EAN 128, Code 128, ITF, RSS (including 2D composite codes); others available upon request

Operator Interface • Built into bagger HMI, WYSIWYG print preview,
Full on-board diagnostics

Nominal Ribbon Waste Between Successive Prints • 0.002″ (0.5 mm)

Ribbon Saving Features • Radial ribbon save, interleaved ribbon save,
intermittent ribbon save

Power Supply • 90 – 264V
Air Supply • 6 Bar. 90 psi, 1.0ml/cycle (max), supplied by bagger

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